My teaching philosophy emphasizes a broad scope of learning, reading, and writing that allows students to begin thinking across disciplines. Importantly, the areas of my research—African socio-political arrangements and environmental governance—cannot be taught from within disciplinary silos alone, but require a pedagogical approach that encourages students to broadly engage with various ways of knowing and thinking. I push my students to focus on in-depth engagement with relevant scholarship, along with a healthy dose of independent critical thinking. I encourage students to try out new ideas in the thoughtful academic space we create together.

I teach undergraduate classes in Political Science, including African Politics (CPO 4204), Comparative Environmental Politics (INR 4054), Global Development (CPO 4033), and Introduction to World Politics (INR 2002). I teach a graduate class in African Politics (POS 6934). If you are student in one of my classes more course details can be found on FAU’s Canvas site, or visit me during my office hours.